dbt Integration - Overview
  • 31 Jul 2023
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dbt Integration - Overview

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What is dbt?

dbt is a development framework that allows modular handling of SQL.

  • Combined with Jinja, which is a template language for Python, you can use dbt to write more flexible data transformation code.
  • Connect to a supported data warehouse and run queries on the tables.
  • You can also run automated testing during the query execution phase.

For more information, see the official dbt website.

dbt Integration in trocco

trocco integrates with the Git repository that manages your dbt code.
You can create and run a dbt job configuration that enables you to run dbt commands against the code in the repository.
You can also incorporate the dbt jobs you create into trocco’s Workflow feature.


dbt integration is also available for customers who have not signed up to the Git Integration feature (paid option).

Hosting services supported by the dbt Integration feature

The dbt Integration feature supports GitHub and GitLab as hosting services for your Git repositories.
It is also available for on-premise environments using GitHub Enterprise, etc.

Supported dbt versions

As of January 2023, trocco supports dbt Core v1.3.


To run a dbt job, you must complete the items listed below.
Please refer to each link for further details on each item.

Supported adapters

In dbt, adapters are how dbt connects with the various data warehouses.
The following adapters are supported by trocco.

  • Google BigQuery
  • Snowflake
  • Amazon Redshift

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