Team Feature
  • 24 Jan 2023
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Team Feature

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This is a help page about team features.


The team function is a paid option.
To do so, please contact your sales representative or Customer Success.


The Teams feature in TroCCO uses two concepts: teams and resource groups to manage operational permissions for various settings created on Trocco.
The TROCCO Teams feature recommends that you create a team that is appropriate for your actual department.
Then, grant each team a role for any resource group.
This allows you to set what operations are allowed for any resource group and resources belonging to the resource group on a team-by-team basis.


A role is a collection of privileges to perform an operation.
In Trocco, there are two types of roles: roles for teams and roles for resource groups.
For more information about each role type and corresponding operational privileges, see Team and resource groups.


A resource is a variety of configurations that exist on Trocco.
Specifically, the following settings are defined as resources:

  • Forwarding settings
  • Datamart Definition
  • Workflow Definition
  • dbt job settings
  • dbt Git repository
  • Connection Information
Git repository integration

You can integrate Git repositories with resource groups.
For details, please refer to About Git repository integration.

Conceptual diagram of team functionality


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