Teams Feature - Overview
  • 31 Jul 2023
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Teams Feature - Overview

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This page gives an overview of the Teams feature in trocco.


The Teams feature is a paid option.
Please contact your sales agent or customer success to enable this feature.

The Teams feature uses two concepts: Teams and Resource Groups to manage operating privileges for various configurations created in trocco.
We recommend that you create Teams based on your organization’s departments, then for each Team, assign Roles within each Resource Group.
On a Team basis, this enables you to set what operations are allowed for each Resource Group and the Resources belonging to that Resource Group.


A Role is a set of privileges to perform an operation.
trocco has two types of roles: roles for Teams and roles for Resource Groups.
See Teams and Resource Groups for more information on each role type and corresponding operating privileges.


Resources refer to the configurations that exist within trocco.
Specifically, the following configurations are defined as resources

  • ETL Configurations
  • Data Mart Configurations
  • Workflow Configurations
  • dbt Job Configurations
  • dbt Git Repository
  • Connection Configurations
Git Integration

You can also link your git repositories to resource groups.
For more information, see Git Integration - Overview.

Teams feature conceptual diagram


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