Google Play Connection Configuration
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Google Play Connection Configuration

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This is a help page for setting up Google Play connection information.

Setting items

Item nameRequired
nameYesEnter the name of the connection information to be used inside TROCCO.
memorandumNoEnter a memo of the connection information used inside TROCCO.
JSON KeyYesEnter your service account (JSON Key) from Google Cloud Platform.
For details on how to obtain the service account (JSON Key), refer to Advance Preparation.
Service Account EmailYesEnter your service account email from Google Cloud Platform.
For details on how to obtain it, refer to How to check the service account email.
Application nameYesEnter a name of your choice.

Advance preparation

To use the Google Play Developer API, link your Google Play Developer account to your Google Cloud project.

  1. Open the API access page in the Google Play Console.


  1. Choose whether to create a new project or use an existing project.
    Please refer to the official documentation for more information.

  2. On the API access page in the Google Play Console, click Turn on Google Play Developer APIs.

  3. In your Google Cloud project, authorize the API key.

Publish service accounts

  1. In Google Play Console, open the API access page and click Create new service account under Service accounts.


  1. On the API access page in the Google Play Console, click Create new service account.


  1. Access Google Cloud Platform from the Create New Service Account pop-up and click Create Service Account.


  1. Enter the service account details.


  1. Grant the service account access to the project. (Ownership)

5_サービス-アカウントの作成-–-IAM-と管理-–-Google-Play-Console…-–-Google-Cloud-Platform 1.png

  1. If necessary, grant permissions to the service account. It can be omitted.

6_サービス-アカウントの作成-–-IAM-と管理-–-Google-Play-Console…-–-Google-Cloud-Platform 2.png

  1. Click the operation to the right of the created service account, select JSON under Create private key, and click Create. The created JSON key is saved locally, so it is used when creating connection information in trocco.

7_サービス-アカウント-–-IAM-と管理-–-Google-Play-Console…-–-Google-Cloud-Platform 1.png


  1. Go to the Invite Users screen under Users and Permissions in the left menu of Google Play Console and check the box below under Account permissions:
  • View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)
  • View sales data, orders, and cancellation survey responses
  • Manage orders and subscriptions


  1. Once you have granted the required permissions, click Invite User.

10_ユーザーを招待 1.png

How to check your service account email

You can see the service account email on the screen when you select the item "IAM and Managed Service Accounts" in the left bar, or when you select the account to use on that screen.



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