Google Sheets Connection Configuration
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Google Sheets Connection Configuration

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This is a help page for setting up connection information for Google Spreadsheets.

In order to use Google Spreadsheets Transfer with trocco, you need to do the following:

  • Enable the Google Sheets API in your project
  • Create a service account
  • Register the service account JSON key to trocco
  • Use the source spreadsheet sharing settings to grant permissions to the service account's email address

1. Enable the Google Sheets API in your project

  1. Go to the GCP Console and select a project.
    (If you have not created a project, please create it in advance.) )

  2. Access the API library.

  3. Click Google Sheets API.


  1. Enable the API.


2. Create a service account

  1. Click the menu icon in the top-left corner of the GCP Console.

  2. Click IAM and Management > Service Accounts.

  3. Click Create Service Account, and then in Service Account Name, type the name of the service account.
    (It may be easier to understand if you use a name that indicates that it is an account for trocco, such as "trocco-kpi_sheets-import.") )

  4. Click Create (No permission setting is required.) )

  5. Click Create Key > Continue.

  6. Make sure the key type is set to JSON and click Create.
    A message appears informing you that the service account JSON file has been downloaded to your computer.

  7. Make a note of the location and name of this file.
    You will use this file in the next step.

  8. Click Close > Finish.

  9. Make a note of the email address of the account you created from the list.
    You will need this email address for step 4.

3. Register the service account JSON key to trocco

Copy all the contents of the JSON file downloaded in the previous step and paste it into the JSON key form on the connection setting creation screen of trocco.

4. Grant permissions to the service account's email address in the sharing settings of the source and destination spreadsheets

  1. Finally, open the source spreadsheet.

  2. Open Share in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Paste the email address you noted earlier into the user input field.

  4. In the Permission Selection field on the right, select the required permission.
    (Select Viewer for the transfer source and an editor with write permission for the destination.) )

Reference: Official Documentation

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