Pardot Connection Configuration
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Pardot Connection Configuration

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
Please understand that some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate.


This is a help page for setting up Pardot connection information.

This page describes how to check the items required to set up a Pardot connection with trocco.

Advance preparation

  • Salesforce User ID, Password
  • Business Unit ID
  • Consumer ID
  • Consumer Secret Key

You'll need to link your Pardot to your Salesforce account beforehand.

Salesforce User ID, Password

It will be the login ID and password of your Salesforce account that is linked to Pardot.

Finding the Business Unit ID

Open the Pardot Admin Assignment page from the URL below and refer to the Business Unit ID.
https://< Customer Domain>

How to check the consumer ID and consumer secret key

Create a connected app on Salesforce and register the key information issued by it with trocco. The following is the procedure for creating an application and checking the key information.
The official documentation is below.


Create a Salesforce Connected App

Click New Connected App from the following URL and configure the application.
https://< Customer Domain>

From the OAuth authentication scope specification item, please save the following three additions.

  • pardot_api
  • refresh_token
  • openid


On the next screen, click
Consumer ID (item name "consumer key" in Salesforce),
Consumer Secret Key (item name "Consumer Secret" on Salesforce)
is displayed, so please describe the two in the connection settings of trocco.


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