PostgreSQL Connection Configuration
  • 10 Jan 2023
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PostgreSQL Connection Configuration

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This is a help page for setting PostgreSQL connection information.

Input field

Item nameRequired
nameYesEnter the name of the connection information to be used inside TROCCO.
memorandumNoEnter a memo of the connection information used inside TROCCO.
hostYesEnter the hostname or IP address.
Destination portYesEnter the port number of the database to connect to.
The default port number for PostgreSQL is 5432 .
userYesEnter your username for authentication.
passwordYesEnter your password for authentication.
SSLYesSelect whether to use SSL (TLS) communication.
For the input items when enabled, refer to the case where SSL is enabled below.
Connect via SSHNoSelect this if you want to connect via SSH (using an SSH tunnel).
For details, see Connecting using an SSH tunnel.
Connect through AWS Systems Manager Session ManagerNoFor more information, see Connecting Using AWS Systems Manager Session Manager .
JDBC DriverYesSelect the version of the JDBC driver that connects to the PostgreSQL server.
Depending on your version of PostgreSQL, you can choose from the following.
  • JDBC Driver 42.5.1 (PostgreSQL 8.2以上)
  • 9.4 1205 JDBC 41 (PostgreSQL 8.2未満)

When SSL is enabled

Item nameRequired
CA certificateNoYou can enter a root certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). Please enter it in PEM file format.
Client certificateNoYou can enter the authentication certificate that clients use to access the server. Please enter it in PEM file format.
Client secret keyNoYou can enter the private key that corresponds to the client certificate. Please enter it in PEM file format.
SSL ModeNoSet the verification level for the server certificate when connecting to SSL.
  • デフォルト: Do not validate CA certificates.
  • require: SSL connection is required.
  • verify-ca: SSL connection is required, and CA certificate verification is also mandatory.

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