Rtoaster insight+ Google Account Connection Configuration
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Rtoaster insight+ Google Account Connection Configuration

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
Please understand that some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate.


This is a help page for setting up connection information using Rtoaster insight+'s Google account linkage function.


The connection information of Rtoaster insight+ Google Account Linkage is used to retrieve data in BigQuery for Rtoaster insight+, which is built on the Tokyo region (asia-northeast1) of the Google Cloud Platform (hereinafter abbreviated as GCP).

BigQuery for Rtoaster insight+ only uses the following GCP projects:

Project NameRole
rtoaster-insightIt will be linked when linking your Google account.
rtoaster-dataContains the corresponding data in the Rtoaster table on the Rtoaster insight+ screen.
bp-pica-prdContains data corresponding to a user-defined table on the Rtoaster insight+ screen.

It also retrieves data from BigQuery after passing it through Google Cloud Storage (hereinafter abbreviated as GCS).
Therefore, it is necessary to grant GCS storage administrator privileges to the Google account linked by linking Google Account.

Advance preparation

Operate the Rtoaster insight+ management screen with an account with administrator privileges of Rtoaster insight+.

  1. From the Rtoaster insight+ admin sidebar, open OptionsGoogle Account Integration.



  1. Please set up a Google account to perform data transfer operations from Add Account at the top left of the screen.

*GCP service accounts cannot be set up.


After a while, you can browse the following GCP projects when you open the GCP console with the Google account that you have configured.

After logging in to GCP, please check the following URL.


Input field

Item nameRequired
nameYesEnter the name of the connection information to be used inside TROCCO.
memorandumNoEnter a memo of the connection information used inside TROCCO.
Google AccountYesPlease authenticate your Google account and specify the account linked to your Google account on the Rtoaster insight+ screen.

Google Account Authentication

  1. By using Google account authentication, specify the account linked to your Google account on the Rtoaster insight+ screen.

  2. Please allow trocco to ask for additional access to your Google account.

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