Duplicating Configurations
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Duplicating Configurations

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In trocco, you can duplicate an existing transfer configuration or data mart definition.
If you want to create similar settings that reference the same table, you can use this feature to greatly improve your efficiency.

Replication permissions

When using the team function, in order to duplicate forwarding settings and data mart definitions, you need to have the administrator or editor role for the relevant settings (resources).
For details, refer to Resource groups.

Reproduction methods

You can duplicate from the setting list screen or the setting details screen.
The following is an example of forwarding settings.

Settings list screen


Setting details screen


Name of the replicated transfer settings and datamart definition

(Copy) is appended to the end of the original name.

Notes on duplicated transfer settings and data mart definitions
  • The job execution history that existed in the replication source is not carried over.
  • If you are using the team function, you belong to the resource group to which the replication source belonged.
  • Use the same connection information used by the replication source.

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