Destination - Azure Blob Storage
  • 17 Jul 2024
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Destination - Azure Blob Storage

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Help page for setting up data transfer to Azure Blob Storage.


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Setting items

STEP1 Basic settings

(data) itemindispensabledefault valueContents
Azure Blob Storage connection informationYes-Please refer to Azure Blob Storage connection information.
container (e.g. shipping)Yes-Specify the name of the container in which you want to store the data you want to transfer.
path prefixYes-Specify the path prefix of the destination for the data you wish to transfer.
Custom variables can be used to dynamically determine set values during TROCCO data transfer.
Output file extensionYes.csvSpecify the extension of the output file.
Output file formatYesCSV/TSVSelect an output file format from the following
  • CSV
  • JSON Lines
  • file compressionNouncompressedYou can select the file compression format from the following
  • gzip
  • bzip2
  • zip
  • STEP2 Detailed settings

    item namedefault valueContents
    file path regular expression-Only files matching the regular expression can be targeted for transfer.
    Maximum number of files to be read-You can specify a maximum number of files to be transferred (default is unlimited).

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