Data Destination - FTP
  • 03 Mar 2022
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Data Destination - FTP

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Help page for setting up a data transfer to an FTP server.

Supported Protocol

Data Loader: Embulk
Using the embulk-output-ftp plugin.




Step 1: General Settings

Field Name
Default Value
FTP Connection ConfigurationYes-From the FTP Connection Configurations created in advance, select the one with the necessary permissions for this transfer.
If you haven’t previously created any Connection Configurations, click the Add Connection Configuration button to set up a new one.
Path PrefixYes-Specify the path prefix at the destination that the data will be transferred to.
Be sure to put a forward slash ( / ) at the beginning of the path prefix, otherwise an error will occur.
Output Filename ExtensionYes.csvSpecify the output filename extension. Be sure to match this with the Output File Format.
Output File FormatYesCSVSelect either CSV/TSV and JSON Lines as the output file format.
File CompressionNo-If you wish to compress your files, you can choose between either gzip or bzip2 compression formats.

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