Data Destination - Google Spreadsheets
  • 11 Apr 2022
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Data Destination - Google Spreadsheets

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Help page setting up a data transfer to Google Spreadsheets.

Supported Protocol

Data Loader: Embulk


Step 1: General Settings

Field Name
Default Value
Google Spreadsheets Connection Configuration Yes - From the Google Spreadsheets Connection Configuration created in advance, select the one with the necessary permissions for this transfer.
If you haven’t previously created any Connection Configurations, click the Add Connection Configuration button to set up a new one.
Spreadsheets ID Yes - Enter the Spreadsheets ID at the data destination.
You can find the Spreadsheets ID in the URL, as shown in the following image: spreadsheets.jpeg
Sheet Name Yes - Enter the sheet name at the destination.
If a sheet with the same name already exists at the destination, it's data will be overwritten.
If there is no pre-existing sheet, a new one will be created.
Time Zone Yes Asia/Tokyo Enter the time zone corresponding to the timestamp values in your spreadsheet.
Time zone information is not contained in the spreadsheets timestamp value. Therefore it is necessary to specify the respective time zone for the data within trocco.
Cell Format Settings Yes USER_ENTERED Select whether or not to format the output cells.
When USER_ENTERED is selected, cells with the string data type will be automatically formatted in the same way as if the user was entering the text into a cell in the Google Sheets UI.
For example: 0123 will be output as 123.
For further details please refer to the following Sheets API documentation.
Transfer Mode Yes REPLACE (Recreate the sheet) Data Transfer Modes:

  • REPLACE (Recreate the sheet)
    • The Sheet ID (gid) will be changed, and the existing data will be overwritten.
    • If an error occurs during transfer, there will be no change to the existing sheet data.
    • The new data will be added from the next row of the existing data.
  • REPLACE (Remove existing sheet data, then insert)
    • Overwrite the existing data, without changing the Sheet ID (gid).
    • If an error occurs during transfer, the existing sheet data will be removed, and only data prior to the error will be transferred.

Additional Information

In this configuration, to simplify processing, trocco splits the data extracted from the source and exports it into a temporary file, before outputting into the destination spreadsheet. For this reason, the correct order of the data output is not guaranteed.

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