Data Destination - Marketo
  • 15 Apr 2022
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Data Destination - Marketo

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Article Summary


Help page for setting up a data transfer to Marketo.

Supported Protocol

Data Loader: Embulk

  • Using the embulk-output-marketo private repository.
  • Using the following Marketo gem.




The column name set in trocco must match the field REST API name in Marketo.
Please refer to the following Marketo article for further information regarding REST API names.


Step 1: General Settings

Field Name
Default Value
Marketo Connection ConfigurationYes-From the Marketo Connection Configurations created in advance, select the one with the necessary permissions for this transfer.
If you haven’t previously created any Connection Configurations, click the Add Connection Configuration button to set up a new one.
TargetYes-Specify the target object type at the destination.
Currently the following data types can be set:

  • opportunity
  • lead
  • opportunity_role
  • custom_object
  • Custom Object NameYes-You are required to complete this field when custom_object is selected as the object type.
    Enter the custom object API name for the data you wish to transfer.
    ActionYes-You are required to complete this field when opportunity, opportiunity_role, or custom_object, is selected as the target object type.
    You can select from the following actions:

  • createOnly
  • updateOnly
  • createOrUpdate
  • lookupFieldYesemail (only for lead)You can only enter into this field when the data target is set to, opportunity, opportunity_role, or custom_object, and the action is set to updateOnly.
    The field specified here will be used as a primary key.
    When the target data type is set to lead, email will be used as the default value.
    If you enter dedupteFields, it will be specified by the describe call as externalOpportunityId.
    If you enter idField, it will be specified by the describe call as marketoGUID.
    Partition NameNo-If partitions are used in Marketo, specify the partition name in this field.

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