Data Source - AppsFlyer
  • 27 Dec 2022
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Data Source - AppsFlyer

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
Please understand that some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate.


This is the help page for the settings to be transferred from AppsFlyer.

Supported Protocols


STEP 1: General Settings

Field NameRequiredDefault ValueDescription
AppsFlyer Connection InformationYes-From the connection information registered in advance, select the one that has the necessary permissions for this transfer setting.
For details on how to set connection information, refer to AppsFlyer Connection Information.
App IDYes-Enter your App ID.
Report TypeYes-Select a report type.
Data acquisition periodYes-Enter the start date and time and end date and time of the data you want to transfer.
Please refer to the following for details on the data acquisition period.
Time zoneYesEtc/UTCSet the time zone for the data acquisition period.
About the data acquisition period
  • Start date and time
    • If you do not specify a time (HH:mm:ss), the current day00:00:00 is specified instead.
    • The time specified at the start date and time is included in the data retrieval period.
  • End date and time
    • If you do not specify a time (HH:mm:ss), the next00:00:00 day is specified instead.
    • The time specified at the end date and time is not included in the data retrieval period.
      Example. If you specify an2022-12-31 end date and time, it is specified instead2023-01-01 00:00:00.
      At this time,2022-12-31 23:59:59 the data up to is retrieved.

Report Type

You can get the following raw data reports:

Field Name at TransferAPI Field Name
In-app eventsIn-app events
Organic InstallationOrganic Installs
Organic in-app eventsOrganic in-app events
Organic UninstallOrganic uninstalls
Organic reinstallationOrganic reinstalls


There are the following restrictions on using AppsFlyer's API.

Number of records that can be retrieved
  • A maximum of 1 million records can be retrieved per transfer.
  • If you try to transfer a report with more than 1 million records, a transfer error occurs.
Limit the number of times you get a report

AppsFlyer limits the number of reports you can get in a single day.
The number of times you can limit the number of times depends on your plan.
For details, refer to Report Count Limit.

Period of data available

AppsFlyer limits the time period for which you can retrieve reports.

  • In-app and organic in-app events: 31 of the last 90 days
  • Other reports: 60 of the last 90 days

For more information, see Data availability windows.

When Exceeding 1,000,000 Records

There are two ways to respond.

Narrow the scope of the data acquisition period

You can specify the range of the start date and time and end date and time of the data acquisition period in hours.
However, please note that as mentioned above, there is a limit to the number of reports retrieved (transferred) per day.
For more information, see Date and time range ranges.

Via cloud storage

AppsFlyer has a feature called Data Locker.
Data Locker allows you to send report data to the following cloud storages:

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • AWS
  • Snowflake

After sending the report data to the above, you can transfer the report data as the transfer source.
For more information about Data Locker, see Data Locker—For Advertisers.

Fields Imported

For details on each field, see the Raw Data Item Guide.

Field name

Field Name at Transfer
API Field Name
attributed_touch_typeAttributed touch type
attributed_touch_timeAttributed touch time
install_timeInstall time
event_timeEvent time
event_nameEvent name
event_valueEvent value
event_revenueEvent revenue
event_revenue_currencyEvent revenue currency
event_revenue_usdEvent revenue USD
event_sourceEvent source
is_receipt_validatedIs receipt validated
media_sourceMedia source
campaign_idCampaign ID
adset_idAdset ID
ad_idAd ID
ad_typeAd type
site_idSite ID
sub_site_idSub site ID
sub_param_1Sub param 1
sub_param_2Sub param 2
sub_param_3Sub param 3
sub_param_4Sub param 4
sub_param_5Sub param 5
cost_modelCost model
cost_valueCost value
cost_currencyCost currency
contributor_1_partnerContributor 1 partner
contributor_1_media_sourceContributor 1 media source
contributor_1_campaignContributor 1 campaign
contributor_1_touch_typeContributor 1 touch type
contributor_1_touch_timeContributor 1 touch time
contributor_2_partnerContributor 2 partner
contributor_2_media_sourceContributor 2 media source
contributor_2_campaignContributor 2 campaign
contributor_2_touch_typeContributor 2 touch type
contributor_2_touch_timeContributor 2 touch time
contributor_3_partnerContributor 3 partner
contributor_3_media_sourceContributor 3 media source
contributor_3_campaignContributor 3 campaign
contributor_3_touch_typeContributor 3 touch type
contributor_3_touch_timeContributor 3 touch time
country_codeCountry code
postal_codePostal code
appsflyer_idAppsFlyer ID
advertising_idAdvertising ID
android_idAndroid ID
customer_user_idCustomer user ID
device_typeDevice type
os_versionOS version
app_versionApp version
sdk_versionSDK version
app_idApp ID
app_nameApp name
bundle_idBundle ID
is_retargetingIs retargeting
retargeting_conversion_typeRetargeting conversion Type
attribution_lookback_windowAttribution lookback window
reengagement_windowRe-engagement window
is_primary_attributionIs primary attribution
user_agentUser agent
http_referrerHTTP referrer
original_urlOriginal URL
blocked_reason_ruleBlocked reason rule
is_store_reinstallStore reinstall
contributor_3_match_typeContributor 3 match type
custom_dimensionCustom dimension
conversion_typeConversion type
google_play_click_timeGoogle Play click time
match_typeMatch type
mediation_networkMediation network
deeplink_urlDeeplink URL
blocked_reasonBlocked reason
blocked_sub_reasonBlocked sub reason
google_play_broadcast_referrerGoogle Play broadcast referrer
google_play_install_begin_timeGoogle Play install begin time
campaign_typeCampaign type
custom_dataCustom data
rejected_reasonRejected reason
device_download_timeDevice download time
keyword_match_typeKeyword match type
contributor_1_match_typeContributor 1 match type
contributor_2_match_typeContributor 2 match type
device_modelDevice model
monetization_networkMonetization network
is_latIs LAT
google_play_referrerGoogle Play referrer
blocked_reason_valueBlocked reason value
store_product_pageStore product page
device_categoryDevice category
app_typeApp type
rejected_reason_valueRejected reason value
ad_unitAd unit
keyword_idKeyword ID
network_account_idNetwork account ID
install_app_storeInstall app store
amazon_fire_idAmazon Fire ID

Fields Not Imported

Fields not retrieved

However, some fields are not retrieved in some reports.
For fields that are not retrieved, please refer to the table below.

Fields for which

Report Type NameFields Not Imported
In-app eventswithout
  • custom_dimension
  • conversion_type
  • campaign_type
  • store_product_page
  • app_type
  • att
Organic Installation
  • store_product_page
Organic in-app events
  • is_lat
  • store_product_page
Organic Uninstall
  • custom_dimension
  • conversion_type
  • campaign_type
  • store_product_page
  • app_type
  • att
Organic reinstallation
  • store_product_page

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