Data Source - Google Play
  • 27 Dec 2022
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Data Source - Google Play

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
Please understand that some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate.


This is a help page for setting up transferring report data from Google Play.

Importable Data

The Play Store's GCS ejection feature links data by referring to GCS from trocco.
You can get the data listed in "Detailed Report Commands and File Formats" below.

Supported Protocols

  • Data Transfer (Embulk)
    Using embulk-input-gcs


  • Limited transfer capacity


STEP 1: General Settings

Field NameRequiredDefault ValueDescription
Google Play connection informationYes-From the connection information registered in advance, select the one that has the necessary permissions for this transfer setting.
Please click here for how to set the connection information.
bucketYes-Specify the name of the bucket where the report data is stored.
Report Path PrefixYes-Specify the path prefix to which the report data is transferred.
trocco transfers multiple files starting with the path prefix of the source bucket.
Custom variables can also be used to dynamically determine the setting value during trocco data transfer.
Report file compression formatYesNo compressionYou will be asked to specify the compression format of the report data.
Number of transfersYesTransfer AllYou can choose to transfer all records or transfer different.
Learn more about differential transfers.

Importable Fields by Report Type

Number of installs

Target CSV: gs://[developer_bucket_id]/stats/installs/installs_[package_name]_yyyyMM_[dimension].csv
* Reports are divided by [dimenstion] of the target CSV.

DateRe2017-01-12 00:00:00 UTC
PackagePackage Nameio.trocco
※DimensionDimension Contents
Reports are separated for [dimension] of the target CSV, and reports can be obtained for each dimension.

app_version: App version code
carrier: Carrier
country: Country
device: Device
language: language
os_version: Android OS version
Daily Device InstallsNumber of installs per day (number of devices)100
Daily Device unInstallsNumber of uninstalls per day (number of devices)1
Daily Device UpgradesNumber of upgrades per day (number of devices)1
Total User InstallsCurrent installations (per user)100000
Daily User InstallsNumber of installs per day (number of users)90
Daily User UninstallsNumber of uninstalls per day (number of users)1
Active Device InstallsActive installation device1000

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