Data Source - Google Search Console
  • 03 Mar 2022
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Data Source - Google Search Console

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Help page for setting up a transfer for your Google Search Console data.

Supported Protocol

Data Loader: Embulk
Using the embulk-input-google_search_console plugin.




STEP 1: General Settings

Field Name
Default Value
Google Search Console Connection ConfigurationYes-From the Google Search Console Connection Configurations created in advance, select the one with the necessary permissions for this transfer.
If you have not previously created any Connection Configurations, click the Add Connection Configuration button to set up a new one.
Website Property URLYes-Enter the Website Property URL for the data you would like to transfer.
Search TypeYes-Select between web, image and video, as the data type that you wish to transfer.
Extraction Date RangeYes-Enter the start and end date range for the data you would like to extract, using the YYYY-MM-DD format, e.g. 2021-04-06.
Note: the data that can be retrieved is limited to data that is at least 3 days old from the current date.
Here you can use custom variables to embed a value that will dynamically set the extraction date range, relative to when the job executes.
DimensionsNo-Select the dimension to use for grouping the data you extract.
You can choose between the following dimensions: date, country, device, page, query, and searchAppearance.

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