Data Source - HubSpot
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Data Source - HubSpot

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
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This is the help page for setting up transferring data from HubSpot.

Supported Protocols

  • Data Transfer (Embulk)


  • Nothing in particular

Setting items

STEP1 Basic settings

HubSpot connection informationYes-From the connection information registered in advance, select the one that has the necessary permissions for this transfer setting.
Acquisition targetYesobjectSelect the target for which you want to retrieve data.
Object TypeYes-Acquisition target: When selecting objects
Select the object you want to retrieve.
Acquisition for: When selecting an engagement association
Select the object you want to associate with the engagement.
Acquisition target: When selecting a pipeline or pipeline stage
Select the object type of the pipeline you want to retrieve.
Object Type 1, Object Type 2Yes-Obtains object linkage information of object type 2 for one object specified in object type 1.
Transfer MethodYesTransfer AllAcquisition target: Can be set only when selecting an object.
Transfer All
Transfer all data.
Differential Transfer
Transfers newly updated records since the last record was last modified.
When transferring to the destination using the APPEND method, it is recommended to use a data mart to eliminate duplication because records will be duplicated.
Deduplication method: Use ID as the primary key and the most recent updated_at.
Last record modifiedNo-This can be entered if differential forwarding is enabled, and only records with an updated date and time newer than this date and time will be imported the next time the job runs.
This column is automatically updated when the job runs, so do not change it unless you have a specific reason to do so.
Event TypeYes-Acquisition target: Available only when selecting an email event.
See the official documentation for each event type.
Data acquisition periodNo-Acquisition target: Available only when selecting an email event.
You can set the start and end dates for data acquisition.
If you set a date and time without a time zone, it will be treated as the date and time in the Asia/Tokyo time zone.

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