Data Source - Redshift
  • 03 Mar 2022
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Data Source - Redshift

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Help page for setting up a data transfer from Amazon Redshift.

Supported Protocol

Data Loader: Embulk
Using the embulk-input-redshift plugin.




Step 1: General Settings

Field Name
Default Value
Redshift Connection Configuration Yes - From the Redshift Connection Configurations created in advance, select the one with the necessary permissions for this transfer.
If you have not previously created any Connection Configurations, click the Add Connection Configuration button to set up a new one.
Database Name Yes - Enter the database name containing the data that you wish to extract.
Schema Yes public Enter the name of the schema containing the data that you wish to extract.
Click the Load Schema List button to refresh the list of schema names you can use to auto-complete the field.
Query Yes - In this field, write a query to extract the data from Redshift.
You can use custom variables to embed a value that will be dynamically set when the job executes.

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