Data Source - trocco
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Data Source - trocco

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
Please understand that some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate.


This page is a help page for setting up transferring data retained by the TroCCO Data Catalog function.


  • To transfer data from the Data Catalog, you must enable the Data Catalog feature.
    • For more information about the Data Catalog feature, contact your sales representative or Customer Success.

Setting items

STEP1 Basic settings

Item nameRequired
targetYesSelect the target you want to transfer from the following.

  • Data Catalog
DataYesSelect the data type you want to transfer from the following.

  • User-defined metadata (BigQuery table information)
  • User-defined metadata (BigQuery column information)
  • Column reference list

STEP2 Advanced settings

There are no advanced settings for this transfer source.

Transfer Items

Attn: Data Catalog

Tables to transfer metadata to

基本メタデータユーザー定義メタデータ At least one of the forwards metadata for the entered table.

User-defined metadata

  • User-defined metadata (BigQuery table information)
    • Transfer metadata fromテーブル情報 the Data Catalog.
  • User-defined metadata (BigQuery column information)
    • Transfer metadata fromカラム情報 the Data Catalog.
Column NameTypeDescription
bigquery_project_idstringBigQueryに関するメタデータ ofプロジェクト
bigquery_datasetstringBigQueryに関するメタデータ ofデータセット
bigquery_tablestringBigQuery table name
bigquery_columnstringBigQuery column names
This item is transferred only when user-defined metadata (BigQuery column information) is selected as the data type.
trocco_metadata_last_updated_attimestamp基本メタデータLast updated
ユーザー定義メタデータ用テンプレートField name defined inThe data types defined in the template are the following types:
  • string -> string
  • integer -> long
  • boolean -> boolean
ユーザー定義メタデータ Value of
user_defined_metadata_last_updated_attimestampユーザー定義メタデータ Last updated

Column reference list

  • Transfer metadata from カラム参照 the Data Catalog.
Column NameTypeDescription
bigquery_src_project_idstringThe dependentBigQueryに関するメタデータ of theプロジェクト
bigquery_src_datasetstringThe dependentBigQueryに関するメタデータ of theデータセット
bigquery_src_tablestringThe name of the BigQuery table on which it depends
bigquery_src_columnstringColumn name of the dependent BigQuery
bigquery_dst_project_idstringBigQueryに関するメタデータ Theプロジェクト
bigquery_dst_datasetstringBigQueryに関するメタデータ Theデータセット
bigquery_dst_tablestringThe name of the BigQuery table on which it depends
bigquery_dst_columnstringThe column name of the BigQuery on which it depends
creation_typestringHow to create a column reference
  • For automatic definition: trocco_data_source
  • User-defined: user
created_bystringAuthor of column reference (email)
last_updated_attimestampThe last modified column reference

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