ER Diagram/JOIN analysis
  • 24 Jan 2023
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ER Diagram/JOIN analysis

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In trocco's data catalog, you can check the ER diagram between the specified tables.
It also supports JOIN analysis, which allows you to visually check the relationship between two tables.

Technical basis for ER diagram display and JOIN analysis

The relationship information between ER diagrams and tables that enables JOIN analysis is made possible by trocco's automatic metadata integration function. You can also set up your own relationships between tables.
For more information, see Manual definition of column references in Column information.

ER diagram

Click the ER Diagram tab and view the display table by selecting a table from the filter.

When you mouse over a table, the line with the table involved is highlighted.

How to display an ER diagram

ER diagrams can also be displayed from the column reference list.
For more information, see Column references.

How to view a JOIN analysis

Click the midpoint of the line connecting the tables to display the JOIN analysis.

JOIN Analysis

In JOIN analysis, you can check the information you want to check when joining, such as the JOIN key, the number of uniques, and the number of nulls in two tables.
You can also visually see the number of rows generated when joining two tables with a Venn diagram.

You can also select any table join type in the JOIN preview to see a preview of the joined tables.
Queries for table joins are also displayed.
You can also copy a query by clicking the icon in the red frame below.

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