Query Editor
  • 24 Jan 2023
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Query Editor

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
Please understand that some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate.


trocco's Data Catalog supports the ability to write, execute, and save queries.
You can also download the executed query in CSV file format.

  • When refreshing the page, save the query first.
    • When you refresh the page in your browser, the query you were writing will be erased.
GCP Project ID

If you are using BigQuery, you can select the project to query by GCP project ID.


You can always start writing right away

Every screen in the Data Catalog has a button to write a query.
You can easily start writing queries without going through annoying screen transitions.

Versatile code editor

Automatic completion of table names is also supported, and the logical name of the table is also displayed when completion.

In addition, the BigQuery version of the data catalog also displays:

  • ScreenTip for standard functions
  • Syntax Error
  • Data processing before query execution

Flexibility of editor display

You can freely change the width of the query editor.
You can adjust the table information and column information to a size that is easy to refer to, and then write a query.

Instantly preview query execution results

When you run a query, a preview of the execution results is displayed directly under the query editor.
Similar to previewing the catalog function, it also supports viewing summary statistics and sorting and filtering columns.

Save query execution results to CSV file

This specification applies only when using BigQuery.

You can also download the execution result in CSV file format by clicking Download result.

Download file size limit for query execution results

The file size of the CSV file that you can download is up to 10MB.
Lines that exceed the file size limit are truncated.

Query saving function

You can save the query that you wrote. You can reopen it from a saved query.

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