Release Notes - May 2022
  • 17 Jul 2024
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Release Notes - May 2022

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Hello! Release information for May 2022!

data catalog


When writing a query, the amount of scans should be displayed.

The query editor in the data catalog now displays the query scan amount and syntax errors.
The expected scan amount is displayed if the query is valid, and error messages are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen if there are syntax errors.


Transfer Settings

Zoho CRM added as a forwarding destination 🎉.


Insert, Update, and Upsert can be performed on modules available in your Zoho CRM.
Please see below for the information required to use this service.

Extended conversions are supported for forwarded Google Ads conversions.

Until now, TROCCO has only supported offline conversions as the destination Google Ads,
Extended conversions are now supported with this release.
From the Transfer Settings selection screen, select the Google Ads conversions to be transferred, then select Extended Conversions from the Conversion Type.

In addition, the name of the connector has been changed to " Forwarded to Google Ads Conversion.

Template feature added to forwarder Facebook ads (Facebook Ad Insights).

A template feature has been added to the forwarding source Facebook ads (Facebook Ad Insights) to make it easier to set up field settings.

AdUnitView added as an option in the forwarding source GoogleAd Manager.

In the forwarding source Google Ad Manager, it is now possible to specify whether to display the topmost ad unit or all units.
With this support, it is now possible to obtain deep hierarchical reports in units of child and grandchild ads.

Forwarder Shopify supports custom apps

Shopify custom apps are now supported.
When Shopify is selected on the connection information screen, it will be possible to select and register a custom app in the app type.


Free description mode added in Redshift and Snowflake

A free description mode has been added in the data mart definition.
You can issue any query, such as a DDL statement, to the relevant DWH.
*Image is an example of Redshift.


The number of items displayed on each list screen at one time has been increased to 50.

The number of definitions per page in the Transfer Settings List screen, Data Mart Definition List screen, and Workflow Definition List screen has been increased from 20 to 50.

In addition, the following modifications and others have been added
* Character coding can now be specified in STEP1 in the source LocalFile.
* Data mart Bigquery now specifies location during free-text queries.

**The contents of this release are described above. **
**Please feel free to contact our Customer Success Representative if you have a release you are interested in. **
Happy Data Engineering!

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