Release Notes - June 2022
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Release Notes - June 2022

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Hello! We will bring you the release information for 06/2022!

Data Catalog


Tab information is now stored in URLs on the Data Catalog screen

When you transition tabs and return to the original screen in the browser back, you can now return to the point before the transition.
This makes it easier to share specific screens of the data catalog with other users.

Query Editor

The query editor now displays suggestions in the ON clause.

Based on dependencies registered in the Data Catalog, condition suggestions are now displayed.
This makes it possible to create queries faster and more accurately.

Forwarding settings

In the source Google Ad Manager, you can specify whether to show the top-level ad units or all units

You can now also get reports on deep hierarchies at the child and grandchild ad level.

In the source Shopify, you can now specify Metafield as the target.

You can now retrieve your own defined Metafield data on the Shopify side.
It can be obtained in various target units such as product and order.


Trocco bulk registration added to workflow tasks

You can execute the transfer settings linked to the batch registration.



In addition, the following renovations have been added.

  • If you are using CDC at the transfer source, you can now retry up to 5 times at once.

That's all for this release.
If you have any releases that interest you, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Representative.
Happy Data Engineering!

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