Release Notes - August 2022
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Release Notes - August 2022

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Hello! We will bring you the release information for 08/2022!

Data Catalog

Display basic metadata on column information screen

You can now select whether to display the basic metadata items "Logical Name" and "Description" in the column list.

The above can be set from "TROCCO Basic Metadata Settings" in "Data Catalog Settings".

Download query execution results in CSV format

In the query editor, you can now download the query execution results in CSV format.

Download file size limit for query execution results

The file size of the CSV file that you can download is up to 10MB.
Lines that exceed the file size limit are truncated.

Edit metadata in the Markdown editor

You can now edit the Description field of basic metadata and any field value of user-defined metadata in the Markdown editor.


User-defined metadata fields can be set from "Templates for user-defined metadata" in "Data Catalog Settings".
For fields for which you want to use the Markdown editor, specify Text(Markdown) as the data type.

Help documentation published

Help documentation about Data Catalog is now available.
For details, refer to About the Data Catalog.

DBT Integration

DBT linkage function released 🎉

  • It provides an OSS dbt execution environment and GitHub linkage.
  • The flow of data modeling from ETL can be defined on the trocco workflow function.
  • As of the end of August 2022, the following three adapters for dbt Git repositories are supported.
    • Google BigQuery
    • Snowflake
    • Amazon Redshift
  • For details on future release schedules, please refer to the press release.

Managed Data Transfer

Managed data transfer capabilities released 🎉

Managed Data Transfer is an extension of the existing bulk registration feature.
In addition to bulk importing tables on the data source side, it is now possible to automatically detect increases and decreases in tables on the data source side and notify Slack, and to easily execute transfer jobs in bulk on the workflow function.

Supported connectors for managed data transfer

As of the end of August 2022, only the transfer source MySQL and the destination Google BigQuery are supported.

Add managed transfer settings

Table increase / decrease can be detected automatically

STEP3 "Notification of table increase / decrease detection result / label batch setting" You can set the notification of table increase / decrease detection result.

Managed transfer settings list

You can see the list of managed transfer settings that you added earlier.
With a single click, you can move not only to the details screen of each managed transfer setting, but also to the details screen of individual transfer settings under each managed transfer setting.

Managed transfer settings details screen

You can manually add tables or remove individual transfer settings for that managed transfer configuration.

Also, when an increase or decrease in the table is detected, a dialog is displayed.

Workflow Definition

Transfer jobs under managed transfer settings can be executed in bulk

A task that can be added to the flow edit of a workflow definition is "Trocco Managed Transfer Settings".
This makes it possible to run jobs for transfer settings under each managed transfer setting in bulk.



Forwarding settings

HubSpot added 🎉 to destination

You can perform merge on the contact object.
We plan to add corresponding objects sequentially in the future.

Trocco added 🎉 to the transfer source

You can transfer data related to "user-defined metadata" and "column reference list" held in TroCCCO's data catalog.

On the target of the transfer source Marketo, corresponding to the folder

You can now retrieve the data of the folder in the source Marketo.

Added 🎉 functionality for custom variables

The following functions support custom variables.

  • Filter value in the filter setting of Transfer Settings STEP2 "Data Preview / Advanced Settings"

  • Key and value in the "HTTP header" of the source HTTP (S)


Forwarding settings list

Add "Author" to the filter

You can now filter the transfer settings listed by "author".

The filter item "Name (partial match)" supports AND search

By entering them separated by spaces, you can now search for AND.

  • If you search with a single word
  • When doing an AND search with two words

Labels can now be added to selected transfer settings in bulk

By clicking the buttons in the order described in the screen below, the batch add labels screen is displayed.

Select a label of your choice and click Add.

Account user screen

View the authentication method for each user

You can check if two-factor authentication and SAML authentication are valid respectively.

In addition, the following renovations have been added.

  • When you select line_item as the report type in the source Twitter Ads, the transfer content now includes campaign_id.

That's all for this release.
If you have any releases that interest you, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Representative.
Happy Data Engineering!

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