Release Notes - September 2022
  • 07 Dec 2022
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Release Notes - September 2022

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This is a machine-translated version of the original Japanese article.
Please understand that some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate.

Hello! We will bring you the release information for 09/2022!

Data Catalog

Logical name appears directly below column name in preview

The preview on the Table Info tab now displays the logical name directly below the column name.

"Open Query Editor" button added to Table Info tab

When you click the button, the query editor is displayed with the table that was open in the Table Info tab specified in the FROM clause.

Added Google account re-authentication function

You can now re-authenticate your Google account in the data catalog settings.

Users who can reauthenticate their Google account

Re-authenticating a Google account can be done by any user except the Data Catalog administrator.
For details on Data Catalog administrators, refer to Restrictions.

After clicking Reauthenticate, the procedure is similar to "Access to real data" for permissions.

Automatic transfer of metadata associated with columns

For columns generated using the data mart function of TROCCO, the "metadata about the data source" of the generation column can now be automatically inherited.
The Company column of the dm_contact_lead_join table is explained as an example.

Check the column lineage of the dm_contact_lead_join table for the ancestor of the column.
You can see that the Company column inherits the Company column of the lead table.

The "Metadata about Salesforce" in the Company column of the lead table is as follows.

The "Metadata about Salesforce" in the Company column of the dm_contact_lead_join table is as follows.
You can see that it has inherited the corresponding metadata.

In order to automatically take over the metadata associated with the column, the following conditions are met.

Conditions for automatic transfer of metadata associated with columns
  • In the data mart definition, the column value is not processed.
  • Data transfer mode is used as the query execution mode of the datamart definition.
    • Tables generated using free-description mode are not subject to transfer.

DBT Integration

Option values of the Run Job Settings command correspond to custom variables


Managed Data Transfer

Slack notification content for detecting table increase / decrease is enhanced

Previously, the number of tables that were added and removed was displayed.
From now on, in addition to the number of tables that have been added and deleted, the name of the table will also be displayed.

The edit screen of managed transfer settings has been expanded.

It is now possible to change the settings related to the transfer source and destination of registered transfer settings and common settings at once.
The following is the procedure for mass changes.

  1. From the details screen of managed transfer settings, click Edit

  2. Click Edit on the common setting side of the registered transfer settings.

The common settings screen appears.

Connection Information

PostgreSQL connection information supports connections via AWS Systems Manager Session Manager


Forwarding settings

In the transfer destination Marketo, support for specifying a static list ID


File storage connector supports Excel files

The File Storage connector now supports Microsoft Excel files (xlsx and xls) as input file formats.
Supported connectors are as follows:

  • Forwarding from - Amazon S3
  • Source - Azure Blob Storage
  • Transfer from - Box
  • Transfer source - FTP/FTPS
  • Forwarding from - Google Cloud Storage
  • Forward from - Google Drive
  • Forwarding from - HTTP(S)
  • Forward from - SFTP
  • Source - Local Files


For automatic retries when a workflow fails, you can now specify the time interval before the next retry execution.
When 1 or more is specified for the number of retries on the workflow setting screen, you can specify the time.


Forwarding settings list

Filter forwarding settings by whether or not notification settings or schedule settings are set


Remove labels attached to selected transfer settings in bulk


API Updates

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads

  • The API version has been updated to v8.
    • Due to API updates, the old indicator has been deprecated.
    • From now on, if a column containing "(old)" is specified in the column name, the new column will be automatically retrieved.
  • For details on the new version, please refer to the Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API v8 System Release Completion Announcement.


Google Ads

That's all for this release.
If you have any releases that interest you, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Representative.
Happy Data Engineering!

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