Release Notes - January 2023
  • 01 Feb 2023
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Release Notes - January 2023

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Hello! We will bring you the release information for 01/2023!

Data Catalog

Snowflake Data Catalog published 🎉

  • The Data Catalog feature for Snowflake is now available.

Workflow Definition

Enables 🎉 replication of workflow definitions

  • Workflow definitions can now be duplicated from the upper right corner of the details screen.

Examples of using the replication function

You can use cloning a workflow definition for a variety of purposes. The following is a simple example of operation.

  • Building a Test Environment
    • You can quickly build a test environment by duplicating the workflow definition that is in production and replacing a part of it with a test environment.
  • Template operation
    • Prepare a workflow definition as a template in advance. By duplicating a template, you can easily create multiple similar workflows.
    • In addition, by using the replication function, Google BigQuery data checks can now be easily reused.

DBT Integration

Supported version updated 🎉 to v1.3

  • The version of dbt supported by trocco has been updated from v1.2 to v1.3.

Connection Information

In the PostgreSQL connection information, the JDBC driver version can be 🎉 selected.

  • You can now choose which version of the JDBC driver connects to the PostgreSQL server.

    • Select the driver version that matches your version of PostgreSQL.
      • For PostgreSQL 8.2 and above:JDBC Driver 42.5.1
      • For PostgreSQL 8.2 and below:9.4 1205 JDBC 41
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Forwarding settings

In the transfer source Google Ads, resource types that can be retrieved have been added 🎉.

API Updates

ForwardingfromFacebook Ad Insights/DestinationFacebookOffline conversions

In addition, the following renovations have been added.

  • Data Catalog - Table Info Screen
    • A link to the column reference list has been added to the table information screen.
    • Click the link to display a list of column references defined in the table.

That's all for this release.
If you have any releases that interest you, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Representative.
Happy Data Engineering!

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