• 07 Dec 2022
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The Teams feature in TroCCO allows you to grant roles to resource groups on a per-team basis.
By creating a team in a way that is based on the actual department, it is possible to control access on a team-by-team basis.

Members who belong to a team are granted the role of team administrator or team member.
Users with the Team Administrator role can edit and delete teams.

Team list screen

On the team list screen, you can check the list of teams that exist in your trocco account, and create, edit, and delete teams.

Teams displayed on the team list screen

All teams created in your TroCCO account, including those to which you do not belong, will be displayed on the team list screen.


(1) Create a new team

Create a new team.
You can add trocco users to a team after setting up a team role.

Team creation permissions

You must have administrator privileges for your TroCCO account.
For more information about trocco account permissions, please refer to Permissions for Your Users.

The smallest building blocks of a team

A team must have at least one Team Admin.


(2) Edit a team

Edit a team. The settings that can be edited are the same as creating a new team.
Only users with the Team Administrator role can edit a team.

(3) Delete a team

Delete a team.
Only users with the Team Administrator role can delete a team.

Once you delete a team, you can't get it back. Please be careful.

(4) Team Details

You can see who belongs to a team and their roles.
On the team list screen, you can display it by clicking the name of the team you want to check the details of.

View team details

Even users who are not part of the team can view the team details.


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