Step 1 - Configure Data Source and Destination Settings
  • 31 May 2023
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Step 1 - Configure Data Source and Destination Settings

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This page explains how to configure your data source and destination settings.

Step 1 - Configure Data Source & Destination Settings

In step 1 enter a name for your configuration, as well as the essential information needed for your source and destination connectors.

General Settings

Enter a name for the ETL Configuration You can also enter notes if needed.


Accounts Using the Teams Feature

In the General Settings you can specify a Resource Group for access controls. For more information, see Resource Groups.

Data Source & Destination Settings

In this example we will use Google Sheets as the data source and Google BigQuery as the destination.


Connection Configurations

  • If you haven’t yet created a Connection Configuration, click Add Connection Configurations.
  • If you have created the Connection Configuration in advance, click Load Connection Configurations.
    • A list of pre-created Connection Configurations will be displayed. Select the Connection Configuration that you wish to use.

About Input Fields for Each Connector

The required inputs when creating an ETL Configuration vary depending on your connector.
For further information on each input field, click Help Article.
This will take you to the documentation for the relevant connector you’re trying to set up.

Next Steps

After completing your source and destination settings, click Next at the bottom of the page.
See Step 2 - Data Preview & Advanced Settings.


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