Creating a Workflow
  • 13 Jun 2023
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Creating a Workflow

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This page explains how to create a new Workflow in trocco.
You can use Workflows to manage the dependencies between multiple ETL jobs.

Create a new Workflow

You can create a Workflow by following the steps below:

  1. From the main page, click Workflow

  2. Click Create New Workflow

  3. Enter your Connection Configuration and click Save

Fields that can be set when creating a Workflow

Item NameDescription
General SettingsGeneral information about Workflow you are creating.
Job Execution SettingsSettings related to executing the Workflow.
Sharing SettingsAvailable if you have the Teams feature enabled.
Specify the Resource Group to assign this specific Workflow to.
If you don’t want to share this Workflow, leave this field blank.


The Teams feature is a paid option.
Please contact your sales agent or customer success to enable this feature.

After successfully creating a Workflow, you will be redirected to the Edit Flow page.


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